Barb Bird




Oliver is my cat. He is a pain in the neck: He thinks 4:30 is "morning", he has tummy problems, which seem to feel better when he poops on the floor instead of in the box. He can open the cabinets with a flick of the paw, so we have to use child locks in the kitchen. He considers it his duty to examine anyone who enters the house and pronounce them Acceptable or Not Acceptable. He is a thinker and a schemer and a troublemaker. So why do I love him??? Beats me.


Crouton is the sweetie! She loves to be hugged and petted and kissed. She's always happy - as long as her Mommy (Becca) is around. She often sulks when Becca's out - but not all the time, which is good, since Becca's out far more than in!

Crouton's tragic flaw is her love of houseplants. Unfortunately, she expresses her love by eating and digging. This causes MAJOR conflict with me!!