Basic: These are some of my standard links that I use all the time.

Google Well, of course. Google is a great place to search for any information you need.

Google Satellite Maps A fun and sometimes useful tool. Type an address, with city, state, and zip in the search box, and see an aerial view of anyplace in the US. Zoom in and out with the tools at the left. Move the map around by clicking on it and dragging the mouse around.

Mapquest Speaking of maps, here is a very user-friendly site for finding directions to you next destination. Just type in an address for a map of a location, or click on ‘Directions’ to find how to get from one place to another. A high quality FREE easy-to-use dictionary.

The Weather Channel Type in the zip code or city you want weather for, and you can get an hourly forecast or a 10-day forecast. Many other options are also available.

The White Pages A phone book on the web! Find a friend’s phone number or the number of a business. Also, if you have a phone number or address but don’t remember whose it is, you can do you reverse lookup.

Truth or Fiction? An excellent site for determining whether information is true. Specifically designed for e-mail messages. A good place for teachers to check their information before passing it on, and a good place for showing students the need for discretion when receiving information.

Entrée Kitchen Don’t have time to cook? Here’s a great alterative to eating out. Spend a couple hours one day and have 6-24 meals in the freezer ready to eat! I go monthly; e-mail me if you’d like to join me.

e-Bay You really can get some great prices – new and used. Just make sure you check other sites for new prices first so you know if it’s a deal or not.

Mah Jongg All work and no play… This is my favorite form of Mah Jongg. It has some extra twists, and keeps your high score on the computer. There are some other good games on this site, too!

Time Out! Online crosswords and Sudokus!

FreewarePalm Games In case you need a new game on your palm, too.


Multimedia: Sites to help you find elements for multimedia projects.

Google Images The best place to get pictures of anything, as long as you’re not limited by a filter like you are when using a CUSD200 computer. Be careful! You can get inappropriate pictures even when looking for innocent things (which is why it’s blocked by CUSD200.)

Animation Library By far the best place to get animations! My first source every time.

Webplaces – Clipart Free clipart. Categorized and searchable.

Webplaces – Sounds Free sounds. Categorized and searchable.

NASA Image Exchange Free multimedia from NASA. Searchable.

FreeFoto Great site for free photographs! Searchable.

FreeStockPhotos More good searchable photos.

NOAA Photo Library A collection of picture albums on subjects including severe weather, oceans, flying, and much more.

The Wave Collection Sounds and themes from classic television shows.

A1 Free Sound Effects Free sound effects

AWD Productions More free sound effects

FreePlay Music Free music. You can choose your own style and feel, and/or your own instruments.


Teaching: Here are some sites that are useful for any teacher

Spanish Dictionary Need the definition of a Spanish word? Or want to find the Spanish word to help you communicate? This is the site.

TravLang Translating Dictionaries Here’s a translator for nearly any language!

Choose the Best Search for Your Information Needs Can’t find what you’re searching for? This will help you choose the best search engine for your needs.

Classroom Connect They want to help teachers be better teachers. Let them!

FBI Youth Includes a link to learn about internet safety.

Cathy Schrock’s guide for educators No list would be complete without it!

Microsoft Education Contains product tutorials, lesson plans using their products, teaching tools, and more.

Microsoft Office Template Gallery All kinds of things are done for you! From calendars to resumes to classroom awards.

Webopedia Online Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms Words often have different meanings when applied to technology. Here’s the place to find what they mean!

GIFWorks! Free Online GIF eTools Ever want to change a gif animation? Here’s the place! Crop, change colors, add transparency, and more.

RhymeZone rhyming dictionary Easy rhymes!

Puzzlemaker Discovery School’s great site for creating crossword puzzles, word searches, and more. Useful for creating puzzles for students and for having students create their own puzzles.

Atomic Learning is not a free site, but it is available to teachers and families of CUSD200, and to ICE members. If you do not have access to this, you should request it: it is an EXCELLENT site. It provides tutorials for software products, including MS Office, Dreamweaver, and many others.

How Stuff Works A terrific site for exactly what it says: finding out how stuff works. I use this site to find interesting paragraphs for students to edit. They are much more engaged when they’re learning how the witness protection program works while they practice their formatting skills.

NoodleBib Free bibliography citations!

Exploritorium “a museum of science, art, and human expression” This is a great site for anything scientific. Very kid friendly!

Best Webquests Rated list of the bests Webquests available on the internet. Arranged by age and subject.

Brain Games & Riddles to Play in the Car Car trips can seem awfully long and boring if there’s nothing to do, and not all cars have room for board games or movie players. However, did you know that there’s a special kind of game that can be played anywhere? All you need is the power of your own brain and a little bit of imagination. This kind of game will make you smarter, but it can also make you laugh, too!