Barb Bird
Growing Green!

I've loved plants ever since I was little. I used to say I would be a Botanist when I grew up, but that was before I knew that botanists had to memorize huge lists of Latin words. I'm all about the common names and how to keep them alive and happy, but Latin? It's all Greek to me.


We're getting geared up to start the 2016 year with the Kane County Flea Market. It's the first weekend of every month. See the Show Calendar for the exact dates.

This year we will be in the east end of the Expo Center! That's the newest - and best air-conditioned - building on the grounds.


Tillandsias are attractive and fascinating members of the pineapple family (Bromeliad). They are native to Latin America where they are found growing on rocks and trees without soil. They receive all of their water and nutrient through scales on their leaves. Their wire-like roots are used for anchoring only. All Tillandsias bloom, and then produce off-shoots from the base of the plant. These off-shoots can be divided or left to form a clump.