Barb Bird


Kevin Bird

My wonderful husband!! After 22 years of marriage I know one thing for sure: I married the right guy! He is sweet, considerate, strong and smart. He has lead me down a more beautiful path of freedom to know Jesus than I could ever have imagined. Our paths are not the same, but our destination is - and it's such a joy to walk together.

He loves to ride his Honda Goldwing, play the piano and harmonica, sing, read, check his facebook, watch TV, and, of course, cater to my every whim. Well, sometimes. Maybe. For a few minutes.


Becca Bird

My sweet, precious wonderful daughter!! Becca is a Hair Designer at Hairborne Fashions in Villa Park. She lives at home with us :-D She is sweet and beautiful and funny (she inherited her sense of humor from me!) Nothing I love more than a quiet morning chatting with my baby.






We've lived in our house in Warrenville since 1999. We love the big yard and the proximity to our jobs. The yard's a lot of work, but Kevin's good with that stuff. He keeps us looking good!