Barb Bird



Joanna Bryson

My sister, Joanna, studies natural & artificial intelligence for a living, but also as a hobby. She is a Reader (tenured associate professor) in the department of Computer Science at the University of Bath. She is married to
Will Lowe, who is a political
methodologist specializing in statistical
text analysis with applications to international relations and comparative politics. He's a Senior Researcher at Eurodata in the MZES, part of the University of Mannheim. Yes, I copied and pasted that.

Tom Bryson

Dad is married to Martha Bryson, the world's greatest Step-mom, and is living in Charlotte, NC. They added Brian, Less, Scott, Lynn, and Heather to my immediate family. Brothers, more in-laws, and a niece! Excellent!




Donna Hathaway
May 11, 1931 - August 31, 2010

Mom died in August, 2010. She had started feeling a little weak that spring, and had picked up some aches and pains that summer. I thought it was just time to
stop gardening for an hour at a time!
Turns out it was lung cancer. She was diagnosed at the end of July, 2010 and
died August 31, 2010. I'm so thankful she suffered for only a month. Joy, Will, Kevin, Rebecca, and I were all there when she died quietly here at our house.